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By phigment

21-12-2012 touchdown? – The Illuminati agenda

I started this blog discussing the possibility that the 2012 logo contained various masonic symbols, including Lucifer’s face. Now I want to present an aspect of it which is more obvious and less contentious. That is, how its design is based around various geometric meanings that are important to masonic thinking, and that the logo is itself designed to help manifest the Illuminati agenda, based on the image that appears on the US dollar note (and which dates back to about 1776).

From the onset it’s worth noting that the triangle is not symmetrical, and neither is the triangle made from the 2012 logo – and yet, they are both the same. Coincidence? Bottom left 62.8 deg, bottom right 67.2 deg, top 50 deg. A disparity of nearly 5 degrees between both lower corners, replicated in the logo!

2012 logo on Pyramid and Seal

There are a number of key points which suggest that 2012 logo, created by Wolff-Olins (whose founding member was a mason), is specifically designed around the image above, and the Great Seal in the triangle, the single eye.

Before discussing, a few key points first:

The triangle above the pyramid base is NOT a capstone, as it occupies a different dimension. Notice how the pyramid base has depth to it, while the triangle does not. In fact, this shadow area on the left hand side which creates this sense of perspective, is of prime importance and incorporated into the zero of the 2012 logo: notice the notch or step in the zero, which lines up perfectly with the shadow area.  This shadow area as we shall see is very instructive in understanding the subversive intention behind the Great Seal.

The number 21 is made prominent by being in the gap between the triangle and the base – the 21st of December 2012?  This clever encoding suggests the triangle coming down on that date.

The eye inside the pyramid (‘capstone’) is not central. Why? Will show on later post hopefully.

There are three concentric circles around iris, which hints at the golden ratio of thirds:

The Eye close up

Three concentric circles in the middle – is the iris a face? possibly

The Pyramid taken as a whole is NOT SYMMETRICAL – and neither is the 2012 triangular logo alignment; and yet they fit perfectly (roughly: bottom left 62.8 deg, bottom right 67.2 deg, top 50 deg ) so are aligned the same.

The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is of prime importance in masonic thinking, as it reveals the number phi, or 1.618, a number that reoccurs in nature everywhere. This golden ratio can be found by applying the rule of thirdsIt is incorporated in many places, from art to music but also in architecture. If there is a creator, then it is seen through phi.

It’s most manifestly expressed in the geometry of the Pentacle (for more info on this, check out this great resource:, which is probably why the Pentagram is used so extensively in occult circles, as it embodies real perfection in number. Interestingly, our masonic overlords showed this to us at the Olympic Ceremony.

Pentagram made of dancers at Olympic 2012 Ceremony

Pentagram made of dancers at Olympic 2012 Ceremony

Masonic temples are typically designed by adhering to the rule of thirds. Likewise, the pyramid and ‘capstone’ of the Great Seal have been designed to follow the rule of thirds

Here is the Great Seal divided into its basic constituent parts. The yellow lines on the right show the way the image is segmented into 3 main rectangles. The vertical light blue line divides the triangle down the middle and the horizontal blue line shows each main segment for further clarity.

Now for the important bit. Each rectangle which has now been cut in two by the vertical line, is actually a Golden Rectangle, whose proportions embody the number phi. The vertical yellow dashes show each sub rectangle as thirds – and note the way the side of the triangle occupies 1 third of of a rectangle and at the base… 2 thirds.

Rule of Thirds embodied in upper triangle and empty space, as extended from pyramid base

Rule of Thirds embodied in upper triangle and empty space, as extended from pyramid base

Now, by complete coincidence (?), the 2012 logo fits perfectly within the bounds of the Golden Ratio. See:

2012 logo inside golden ratio

2012 logo inside golden ratio – both number 2s occupy the height of a rectangle

A criticism might be: wait a minute, if the golden proportion is seen everywhere, why not in the 2012 logo as well? Also, you you can resize the logo for it to ‘fit’, such that both number 2’s occupy the height of a rectangle. That is true, but then it wouldn’t fit inside the triangle either.

Remember, both the 2012 logo and the triangle (‘capstone’) are not equilateral triangles, but they are the same in their non equilateral-ness. Furthermore, the zero, which has no reason to be split or notched, has been split to fit the shadow area on the pyramid base.  And as we shall see, this splitting of things is in direct concordance with the greater plan and this shadow area of the pyramid base isn’t there without reason.( In masonic thinking, everything is crafted and reasoned.)

This golden ratio is also hinted at by taking a line from the front of the pyramid base to the bottom left hand side of the triangle. This gives us 72 degrees, which is clearly a hint. A perfect triangle has a 72-72-36 proportion, which also embodies the number phi 1.618. So far, we have perfect rectangles that reveal phi, as well a nod to the Golden Triangle. But there’s also the side of the number 2 which gives us 72 degrees!

72 degrees coded into Great Seal and 2012 logo as placed inside Great Seal

72 degrees coded into Great Seal and 2012 logo as placed inside Great Seal

These two lines are actually parallel, though the eye has a tendency to see them as different due to the lines of the pyramid.

Both the pyramid and the 2012 logo is situated inside the image reveal a 72 degree angle.

It’s important to understand how vital phi is – both as embodied in rectangles and triangles. Later one, I’ll show how extrapolating a phi spiral from a Golden Rectangle or a Golden Triangle intersects exactly where the edges of the 2012 letters are.  

But for now, to continue with a general discussion, it’s worth coming back to the shaded area on the left hand side of the pyramid. Someone might have noticed the tiny yellow angle on one of the images above, showing the degree of the pyramid base. Also, wondered what’s the big deal with a step in the number zero to reflect the shaded area.

First of all it’s worth restating that the pyramid base and the upper triangle occupy a different dimensional space, but that the whole ‘plan’ and intention, as stated in words on the US dollar, is to establish a secular order on Earth and bridge the gap into a new dimension.

The following illustrates the implication of the shaded area, by extending the two angles up to the apex of the triangle. This gives us 6 degrees. 6 degrees across the 3 main rectangles… 666, exactly as implied by the words on the US dollar bill – see Also, the presence of the number 15 on the platform of the pyramid, might alert some people to the fact that the number 15, as exemplified in the Tarot, is often associated with the Devil.

Showing 15 degree base and 6 degree implication

Showing 15 degree base and 6 degree implication

And here’s no surprise… the 15 degree angle is also incorporated into the 2012 logo as shown here, on the number Zero, which is also notched to fit the shaded area:

15 degrees on pyramid base and number Zero

15 degrees on pyramid base and number Zero

The Zero has been very precisely angled to provide a 15 Degree angle.

What would appear to be the implication, is this secular order is to be maintained through the enslaving principle of Lucifer, though obviously Luciferists see him as the light bringer, the morning star, rather than actually doing their homework properly and realising that the ‘morning star’ term was always meant to mean the Christ, and no-one else. In somewhat clear cut terms, there is no Lucifer really, just Satan, as a binding and enslaving principle in creation. In fact, it’s a shame that the term Lucifer has been misappropriated. Albert Pike, an important mason in early American history said:

“Lucifer, the Light-bearer!  Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness!  Lucifer, the Son of the Morning!  Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls?  Doubt it not!”

This is very much back to front. Pike was a very clever man, but like many intellectuals, failed to grasp the obvious. This can happen when intellectualism is glorified at the absence of any heart (very much a trait of the archetype of the deceiver).  His thought processes were governed by a supercilious arrogance which has become the mainstay of today’s ruling elite (this has not changed much throughout human history).

“Fictions are necessary for the people, and the Truth becomes deadly to those who are not strong enough to contemplate it in all its brilliance. In fact, what can there be in common between the vile multitude and sublime wisdom? The Truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason.”

This charming approach to other people, the ‘vile multitude’ is also the message that was expressed through the Olympic Ceremonies; which many people failed to realize. It was a grand joke that was on us.

Fourth dimension reality

In many ways the Great Seal speaks of bridging a gap between realities – between the third dimension and the fourth dimension, as expressed by the free floating triangle, but which is meant to descend, at the same time signifying  the 21st Dec 2012 as a turning point, by the placement of the 2012 logo. It doesn’t necessarily mean something dramatic on the 21st, but the date is important in the occultist agenda.

The twist is the idea subverting the divine reality (divine reality as expressed through phi), by creating a schism along a dimensional plane, as expressed through the numbers 15 and 6, which is the work of the shadow area on the pyramid’s base. i.e. the creation of a secular order, rather than a divine one. In many ways, this whole thing could be taken from the pages of Milton’s Paradise Lost, where Lucifer creates Pandemonium, the city of wonders for all of his fallen cohort. Note that the opening scene of the Olympic Opening Ceremony was called… Pandemonium.

It’s really up to individuals to wake up and not eat up all of the bullshit fed to us by the governing elite of this world, who are having a joke at our expense. I guess they must feel very clever.

It’s worth noting that this so called secular order might take place, but that it won’t last long. Nothing ever does. It’s an idea cooked up by power brokers with too much time on their hands. There is a governing elite but at the end of the day, their motives and ideas are rubbish, even if they have taken them so far in their subtlety. The only people who won’t be check mated  are people who are functioning not from a stand point of ego and big ideas. In many ways, this Illuminati agenda, connected to Luciferism and Zionism, is just another expression of tribalism which has no place anymore on this Earth.

Their agenda will ultimately be one big failure, no matter how much energy they attempt to conjure up through horrific ritual practices.

In the next post I’ll show that the phi spirals derived from the Golden rectangles and triangles connect precisely where the 2012 characters are.

Until then, peace!

By phigment